4-H Club (in response to a drawing)

Golden Blizzard – an artist collective of which I am a member – was recently selected to participate in More Mergers & Acquisitions on display December 10, 2009 – February 14, 2010 at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. Seeing that the collective has something of a history of self-celebration and operates at times like a recirculating delay line overdriven with feedback, we decided to each reinterpret a single arbitrary, older piece of work for the show.

Golden Blizzard
4-H Club, 2006
22 x 30 inches

Although I had originally planned on a different approach, in the end I chose to respond by recording a piece with the Buchla and reformat one of the solid state audio players I created for the most recent Golden Blizzard show (seen here). Below is a photograph of the finished player installed in the gallery:

Jason R. Butcher
4-H Club, 2009

And of course, the track itself – All Buchla 200, with processing/editing by way of ProTools:

The show opens December 10, 8-10PM.
Although I’ve spoiled the surprise as to my own work – I’m sure my Blizzmates’ work will amaze and stimulate you.

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