Monthly Archives: October 2012

Now, preceding the next Now

I have been way behind on posting anything lately.
I thought that purchasing a portable audio recorder (Tascam DR-40) several months ago would help me to post sounds more frequently. That hasn’t been the case. Instead I have been recording more audio than I have time to edit and post. The current thinking is that I’ll sit down, and after working out some appropriate hosting facility, will make public this material.

In addition, I’ve been wondering how to separate time spent testing JRB ModuleModules and the more intentional recordings for the self. Jury still out. Hanging expected.

Until I figure it out I’ll toy with posting sounds that I feel are representative of particular ModuleModule Modules, but are not intentionally ‘demos’ – a concept that continues to elude me.


(both EQ tests really fall into the Hypnagogia body)