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Restless Devices – Samples

As promised, images from the “Restless Devices” show with Joe Tsambiras currently running through Dec 5th at Beep Beep Gallery, for those not proximal enough to visit.

A recording of the patch what was on playing throughout the gallery the night of the opening:

Stills from the animations – with backgrounds based on pages of Cornelius Cardew’s Treatise.

Treatise Page 125-126
Untitled (Treatise Pp. 125-126), 2010

Treatise Page 31: An History of Elitism 1965-2010
Untitled (Treatise p. 31, An History of Elitism 1965-2010), 2010

Treatise Page 188
Untitled (Treatise p. 188), 2010

And here are the images I used for the fascia of various sound players, featuring recordings and experiments on the Series 200:

4.5.10, 2010

12.20.09.SPP, 2010

Untitled, 2010

And one of the non-sound player noodle images:

Untitled, 2010


For your enjoyment (?), a few recent recordings and details of two images for the upcoming show at Beep Beep Gallery (see previous post).

Preview of 'noodle' image for upcoming 'restless devices' show

10.17.2010.2.SPP – A short recording of a self-playing patch (noodle) from this past weekend. Intended to be listened to at high level, the end of silence marks the moment I turn the system on:

Preview of 'noodle' image for upcoming 'restless devices' show

Erratic Music Box: