Vague Terrain 19: Schematic As Score

Ellerich's Fabelphonetikum
Moritz Ellerich‘s Fabelphonetikum schematic

Derek Holzer has put together an impressive essay on artists experimenting with electronics for edition 19 of Vague Terrain entitled Schematic as Score, and kindly included me among them. Framing it as he does with his own work reinterpreting Tudor’s Rainforest, the article is an inspired merging of concepts, visuals, and audio results. The article includes work by:

Derek Holzer/ Jason R. Butcher / Jessica Rylan / Lesley Flanigan / Loud Objects / Martin Howse / Moritz Ellerich / Peter Blasser / Synchronator

– Click here to view the issue –

My entry includes remarks on Self-Playing process, and the audio recording of the “For Loud Speakers” patch diagram seen here (partially):

For Loud Speakers

I recommend browsing through previous Vague Terrain journals as well – as they are all quite interesting.

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